A great blue heron fishes at dawn at Seney National Wildlife Refuge in Michigan's Upper Peninsula on a foggy morning. The sky is pink as the sun rises and reflects in the still water.
Heron at dawn Submitted in the 2022 TNC Photo Contest, this image shows a great blue heron fishing at dawn in Seney National Wildlife Refuge in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. © Dominique Braud/TNC Photo Contest 2022

Preserving Nature in Michigan

For decades, TNC in Michigan has worked with the people of this Great Lakes state to protect the rivers, lakes and lands that are its natural heritage. We continue to pursue strategies that will help ensure the vitality of Michigan’s people, places and wildlife for generations to come.

Stories from Our Scientists

Explore the science behind our work from our team of scientists in Michigan.

A person holds a light while standing at the edge of a lake. The sky is covered in thousands of stars.
Lake Superior Winter in Michigan is for chasing the stars. This individual braved the cold weather to stargaze alongside a frozen Lake Superior. © Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti/TNC Photo Contest 2019