Our Goals for 2030

Tackle Climate Change

The Nature Conservancy's conservation initiatives in East Kalimantan, Indonesia.
East Kalimantan, Indonesia The Nature Conservancy's conservation initiatives in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. © Nick Hall

Climate change isn’t a distant threat—it is happening now. The past decade has been hotter than any other time in recorded history.

The impacts of climate change include more extreme weather and natural disasters, chronic drought & economic instability. To match the urgency of this crisis, we're deploying innovative solutions that maximize nature's ability to fight climate change while bolstering resilience for our most precious ecosystems and vulnerable communities. Together, we can halt the worst impacts and shape a better 2030 and beyond.

How did nature save the world? (3:01) In this video, it's the future, and we look back on how we saved the world with nature. In the 2020s, we learned that nature could pull 11 billion metric tons of carbon from the atmosphere. This was a full third of the emission reductions we needed! So how did nature do all this?
Kosrae island, Micronesia
Kosrae island, Micronesia A view of the coastline at sunset near the village of Utwe on the island of Kosrae in Micronesia. © Nick Hall

How We’re Tackling Climate Change

  • Nature Based Solutions

    Nature plays a major role in regulating the climate by storing carbon dioxide. By conserving forests and wetlands, adding regenerative practices to agriculture and planting trees, we're unleashing nature's full potential to stabilize the climate. Learn about Natural Climate Solutions

  • Laura Crane and a Solar Star employee walking through the array of solar panels at the Solar Star plant in Lancaster, California.

    Promoting Smart Clean Energy Policies

    As global energy demands continue to rise, we’re working with governments to show how renewable energy can grow economies while reducing carbon emissions. How we're promoting clean energy through policy.

  • Building Resilience

    We’re helping the most vulnerable communities adapt to climate change by restoring habitats, such as mangroves that reduce the impact of severe storms. Learn about building coastal resilience.

  • Brooklyn Bridge Park looking towards Manhattan.

    Inspiring Productive Conversations

    We encourage people to talk more frequently and constructively about global warming so we can build a stronger common ground to halt climate change. Learn what climate courage is all about.