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Our Science

No matter the odds, we find the people and paths to make change possible

Scientist taking water samples on the Penobscot River
Measuring a tree's diameter in Michigan's Two Hearted River Reserve. © Michigan's Two Hearted River Reserve.

Follow the Science

With a grounding in rigorous science, we take innovative conservation approaches from idea to impact, scaling to achieve system change.

Our 2030 Goals

  • Avoid or sequester 3 billion metric tons of CO2 emissions annually

    Using the power of nature and strength of policy and markets to store carbon, support the renewable energy build-out and reduce emissions equivalent to nearly 10% of global emissions from fossil fuels. Learn about Natural Climate Solutions.

  • Help 100 million people at risk of climate-related emergencies

    Protecting and restoring the health of natural habitats—from mangroves and reefs to floodplains and forests—that help protect communities from storm surge, extreme rainfall, severe wildfires and sea level rise. How we're strengthening coastal resilience.

  • Conserve 4 billion hectares of ocean

    Making sure the oceans thrive through new and better-managed protected areas, global-scale sustainable fishing, innovative financing and positive policy changes to how the world governs the seas. Learn how climate-ready fisheries can restore ocean health.

  • Conserve 650 million hectares of land

    Partnering with communities across the globe to restore & improve management of working lands, support the leadership of Indigenous peoples as land stewards, & conserve critical forests, grasslands and other habitats rich in carbon & biodiversity. Explore our conservation projects around the world.

  • Conserve 30M hectares of lakes & wetlands, 1M kilometers of river systems

    Promoting innovative solutions and policies that improve the quality and amount of water available in freshwater ecosystems and to communities. Read more on our sustainable rivers projects.

  • Support 45 million people, partnering with local and Indigenous communities

    Partnering with Indigenous Peoples and other communities to learn from and support their leadership in stewarding the environment, securing rights to resources, improving economic opportunities and shaping their future. Learn how we partner with Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

Seeley Lake, Montana
Seeley Lake, Montana Seeley Lake, Montana, part of The Nature Conservancy's Great Western Checkerboards Project, Montana. © Steven Gnam