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The Nature Conservancy in Minnesota

A view overlooking a placid lake with a wooden boardwalk extending into it, a forest along its distant shore, and clouds reflecting off its surface.
Nature's Benefits Minnesota's forests provide clean water and opportunities for outdoor recreation and store large amounts of carbon. © Jason Whalen/Fauna Creative

Make a Difference in Minnesota

The Nature Conservancy is bringing a spirit of innovation to preserving life on Earth. In Minnesota, we’re working with diverse partners to protect our waters, forests and grasslands; build sustainable food and water systems; and tackle climate change. We're also working and organizing with local communities to leverage nature as a tool to build a brighter future for all Minnesotans.

Illustration of birds, fish, squirrels and deer among the trees, water and soil.
Trees. Water. Soil. A campaign by The Nature Conservancy. © Artwork by Blackbird Revolt