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There’s A Better Path to 2050

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There’s A Better Path to 2050

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We don’t have to accept a fate of doom and destruction for the planet and its people.

Recent published research by The Nature Conservancy and 11 peer organizations shows that we have the power to stabilize the climate, save natural habitats and sustain 10 billion people in 2050—but only if we act in the next decade to change how we manage these three areas:

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A Better Path for Energy

Ramp up clean energy

Shift 85 percent of the world’s energy to non-fossil fuel sources to prevent catastrophic harm from climate change. To lessen their impact on habitats, site these new clean energy projects on developed lands like city rooftops and abandoned farm fields.

Global temperature increase would be limited to just


Additional air pollution would drop

90% Green arrows pointing down
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A Better Path for Agriculture

Relocate crops

Each nation raises its crops where they grow best, making it possible to feed a growing population using less land, less water and less fertilizer.

Total crop area would decrease by

2.5 million km² Green arrows pointing down

Crop area in water-stressed regions would shrink by

30% Green arrows pointing down
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A Better Path for


Zero out overfishing

Adopt sustainable management for all wild fish stocks.

Annual fishery yields would increase by

41% Green arrows pointing up

Annual fishery yields increase by

41% Green arrows pointing up

We can build a more sustainable world where we

Limit climate change to below 1.5°C

Save half of nearly all habitat types

Sustain 10 billion people

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